Green Tortoise

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Mixed Media, 2019
22.5 x 30″

In this image, I aimed to convey the captivating atmosphere and vibrant colors that I experienced during my stay at the Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco. The name of the hostel itself has a fascinating history, originating from a renowned hippie bus-line that connected New York and San Francisco in the 1970s. This unique model of social communal travel was later incorporated into hostels in Seattle and San Francisco.

The grand cafeteria of the Green Tortoise served as the backdrop for my artistic inspiration. Arriving at the hostel late at night, I was only able to catch a glimpse of the city’s illuminated skyline and the myriad of hills in the distance. This perspective left a lasting impression on me, igniting a sense of anticipation for what awaited me in this city that would become my home.

Through this image, I aimed to capture the essence of my first impressions of San Francisco, particularly the interplay of light and atmosphere that enveloped the city. The vivid colors and unique perspective reflect the excitement and anticipation I felt during that time, as I embarked on a new chapter of my life in this captivating and diverse city.

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