The Aquarium

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Mixed Media, 2007
28 x 20″

“The Aquarium” holds a special place in my artistic journey as it was my first foray into digital photo manipulation during my time in art school. This project ignited my passion for digital art and established it as my preferred medium. The theme assigned for my graphic design class was to portray “gravity” in an unconventional manner. Exploring my campus, I captured images of various buildings, trying to image the objects around me as if seen from an inverted perspective.

Ultimately, I chose a cafeteria as the background for my composition, drawing inspiration from articles I had previously read about astronauts training in swimming pools to prepare for their work on the International Space Station. In this artwork, the juxtaposition of a rose and dolphins serves to represent humanity’s perception of organic beauty and intelligence. This led me to ponder how these concepts would manifest when humans venture to other planets. I wondered if, similar to the process of natural selection, generations of humans living on separate planets would evolve differently even having their own unique ideas of beauty and intelligence because of how they adapt to their environment. “The Aquarium” explores these intriguing questions surrounding the potential development and diversification of humanity across multiple planets while also attempting to artistically visualize echolocation.

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