Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your website?

Once a week we upload newly created or updated artwork cycling through a maximum of 16 total paintings on display at any given time. Each work is displayed on the home page for three months before being moved back into the archives for at least a year.

What do I get when I signup with your website?

To stay up to date with the artist’s ongoing projects, new material, and be among the first to see their latest works before being shared to social media, you can subscribe to the newsletter. By subscribing, you will also gain exclusive access to offers and/or discounts. Rest assured that this newsletter is sent no more than once per week, ensuring timely updates without overwhelming your inbox.

How do you determine your pricing?

Shipping, taxes, and print costs (per square inch) are included in pricing to maintain transparency and cover relevant expenses. Final costs including artwork subtotal, discounts, taxes, and shipping will be included on your final receipt.

What makes your art different?

  • Each artwork sold is meticulously printed at higher resolutions resulting in a broader range of color saturation and increased visual texture.
  • All artwork is original and one-of-a-kind
  • We use only the best high-quality materials and printing techniques to create original artwork that has maximum color accuracy, detail, and texture. This includes experimental materials like printing on glass, canvas, wood, or metals.
  • The artist emphasizes detailed color calibration, proofing, and quality control through each step of the printing and shipping process

Do you take commissions?

The artist is dedicated to creative control and ensuring his work aligns with his artistic vision. Because of this he is independent and selective about what projects he works on. Use the contact form if you would like to inquire about a possible commission idea.

Is there a ‘Print only’ option?

Yes. The artist does offer various size and format options for each artwork. ‘Print only’ options vary by material and size availability. If you are interested in obtaining just the artwork itself without additional materials such as frames or mounts, please be sure to include this information when using the contact form.

Can I request a different material to be printed on?

By default, each artwork is printed on standard materials like high quality canvas or archival paper.

If you would like your artwork to be printed on a custom material such as metal, glass, or wood, please let the artist know in the contact form before ordering. However, please note that if you choose a non-standard material, it may come with certain limitations or considerations. In addition, there may be additional risks or challenges associated with printing on custom surfaces like metal, glass, or wood. The artist recommends reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions regarding the use of different materials before proceeding with the purchase.

Artwork compatibility: Not all artwork may be suitable for printing on non-standard materials. Some artworks may lose their intended aesthetic or may not translate well onto surfaces like metal, glass, or wood. The artist can provide insight into whether the desired material complements the artwork and can provide visual showcasing or examples on what materials to use.

Concerning my artwork, will you ever print more than what’s in stock?

No. All artwork is original however, we may occasionaly offer up to three separate sizes of an original work. The artist may also previously printed files for customer reprinting requests, marketing, and replacing damaged artworks. The information below is part of the art sales contract and stipulates further details on art purchases:

  1. Protection against Damage or Loss: By retaining digital files, the artist can reproduce the artwork in case of damage or loss. This can provide peace of mind to customers, knowing that they have a backup option if something happens to their original artwork.
  2. Respecting Ownership and Permission: The artist’s policy ensures that they will not print new works without written permission from the customer or current owner of the artwork. This acknowledges and respects the rights and ownership of the original purchaser. It also prevents unauthorized reproductions or prints from being created without the owner’s consent.
  3. Communication and Permission: If the customer or current owner of the artwork wishes to print artwork on a new material and/or replace a damaged artwork, they will need to provide written permission to the artist via the contact form. This ensures that the artist has clear authorization to create new prints based on the original artwork. If it has been more than 30 days since the artwork was purchased, customers are responsible for covering the expenses associated with creating new prints. This includes materials, printing, packaging and shipping. More information can be found on this topic through the terms and conditions.