Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your website?

Once a week we upload three new works but stay at a maximum of 12 total paintings on display here and through social media. Each work is shown for a month before going back into the archives and will be eligible to come back into the marketplace after a full year has passed from being displayed. 

What do I get when I signup with your website?

The artist is constantly working on new projects and making new material. Stay up to date with ongoing projects, being the first to see newer works before they blast out on social media, and get exclusive access to offers or discounts. The newsletter is sent no more than once a week

How do you determine your pricing?

We price each work by the square-inch leaving room for shipping, taxes, and print costs embedded into each print cost.

What makes your work competitive?

  • Each print is meticulously edited at the 600dpi (dots per inch) range rather than the traditional 300 dpi print making prints have a broader range of color saturation and have more visual texture.
  • The artist sets limited print size ranges on all of his work with his original (largest) sized canvases as 1 for 1 non-duplicate prints.
  • All printed materials are museum-quality archival prints and canvases known for remarkable quality materials and expert-level attention to detail. 

Do you take commissions?

The artist is independent and picky about what projects he works on. He occasionally paints solo and family portraits. Email or use the contact form. Pricing for commissions is $3 per square inch (w x h x ($3)) before shipping + taxes. Please allow 16- 20 days for creating and processing each commission. 

Can I download a print?

The artist is investing in cryptocurrency tokens allowing for secure on-demand prints to be available but these features are not implemented yet. Sign up with the newsletter to find out when. 

Can I request a different material to be printed on?

No but in time, digital downloads will allow for you to have more variety. The artist chose metallic and glossy surfaces to print his work because he feels like his work needs to “glow” wherever it is displayed.

Concerning my print, will you ever print more than what’s in stock?

No, the artist deletes original files and remnants of them from his own servers each time a stock is sold out.  Duplicate “likeness” copies are used only for marketing purposes but will not be sold.