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is a giclee media artist in San Francisco, California






As a former educator in the arts, Benjamin specializes in blending artistic mediums and styles to enhance the interaction and communication between the viewer and the art. 

His career in education and research in digital visual technology as an exploratory medium has taken his art through several unique projects and challenges like printing on unique surfaces or using specialized techniques to create lossless expansion of printed images.

He’s currently focusing on incorporating photography, animation drawings, and scanned physical objects to create a truly unique type of painting. These unique artworks are researched and detailed to emphasize art history, social/political commentary, and perspectives on existential consciousness.

This online fine art gallery serves as a showcase for his work and artistic pursuits in a digital format. All paintings feature an original composition and are designed to be printed only once. Each of Benjamin’s works are also created using custom color-fields designed to shimmer each of its colors into each physical print. He currently prints in aluminum, archival paper, and metallic canvas.

New work is added every week. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the art

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