is a mixed media artist from Texas working in San Francisco, California

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As a former arts educator, Benjamin specializes in combining traditional artistic mediums and styles with digital tools. It is his firm belief that for the artist, the use of digital tools can enhance the artistic processes while also making the final work more interactive and dialogic for the viewer.

His career in education and research in digital visual technology as an exploratory medium has taken his artistic practice through several unique projects and challenges.

In his daily practice, he often uses photography, illustrated drawings, and digitized 3-D objects to create original artwork. These unique projects involve research into techniques, art history, social/political commentary, and existential consciousness.

This online fine art gallery serves as a showcase for his work and artistic pursuits. All artwork is original and custom-designed for the space it will be displayed in. The latest featured work is added every week. We hope you enjoy the art and please use the contact form if you would like to get in touch.