Laguna Gloria

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Mixed Media, 2019
24 x 16″

In October 2019, before my departure from Austin, I met with an old acquaintance at a local artist gathering. It happened to be one of the rare days when the scorching Texas heat wasn’t relentlessly searing my skin. Eager to explore the surroundings, I set off on a popular trail connected to the nearby Contemporary museum (Laguna Art museum at the time) to admire the outdoor installation art. I had visited this place multiple times since my arrival in Austin back in 2008, always intrigued by the abundance of lily pads and the astonishing clarity of the water. According to local legend, many Native American tribes regarded this spot as a primary watering hole due to a natural spring just beneath the surface, nourishing Lake Austin. The water, with its captivating mineral concentration, fostered a thriving ecosystem of plants and animals, creating a remarkable oasis in the heart of Austin, Texas.

In November, I showcased this artwork, seeking to divert my focus away from news headlines and embrace a different perspective. Laguna Gloria, for me, evokes a profound sense of joy, taking me back to a moment when I would momentarily halt a conversation, inadvertently stumble down a hill, and immerse myself in the water I was admiring, capturing the moment through a photograph. It reminds me of the sheer bliss and tranquility I experienced during that time. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of my resilience as an artist, instilling a sense of confidence in facing whatever challenges lie ahead.

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