deyoung opening september

Behind the Work

Modern digital printing often lacks the rich color, texture, and fine detail of the average acrylic or oil painting. In my work, I attempt to push digital art as far as it can visually go, often taking several months or years and using both physical and digital tools to create one piece.

I love seeing my work on unique materials such as paper, canvas, wood, and even metal when printed.

Much of this work and the techniques behind it began in college where I taught my computer to paint digitally.

After college, I became an educator teaching in multiple classrooms and in multiple subjects like graphic design, ceramics, photography, and drawing.

In 2019, I moved to California to pursue my art career and have been fortunate to be able to research, photograph, paint, and experiment with my work everyday since. 

Works in my collection are archival and meticulously hand designed by me. If you acquire any of these works, I’m confident you will be drawn to look at it often and hope that you be inspired in some way.

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  • San Francisco, USA