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Behind the Work

Rich colors, beautiful texture, and fine detail are often missing in the average print. Whether it be a movie poster, a billboard, or a museum; the attention to detail is often missing in the printing process.

My mission is to enhance the interactive communication between the art and the viewer and to advocate for digital technology as a powerful medium in the art-making process. Each finished print is engineered to pass the societal “Turring” test giving the illusion of a convincing alternate reality. Saturated colors and detailed pixelization also create the illusion of being a traditional oil or acrylic painting.

Because each painting is unique and original, I take care to only use the best museum-quality materials, printers, and packaging available. 

Much of this work and the techniques behind them began in college when I began putting random objects in a flatbed scanner to see how they would interact with art projects I was doing for my classes.  At the time, I was taking classes like graphic design, photography, and painting to be a full time artist. Combining each of those unique subjects onto a canvas seemed to me, like a natural evolution to classical art mediums like oil and acrylic.

When I became a teacher, I continued traveling, photographing, painting, and experimenting with art. I realized soon that these Frankenstein experiments with art needed to be shared but had to be printed. Each work on this site is a culmination of years of research and experimentation into a new type of art. 

Works in my collection are priced at market-standard art rates (per square inch) and hand designed by me. I believe the future of fine art is digital and work each day to create work that employs the knowledge and skills of the old masters to a modern canvas.

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