Going Nowhere

Mixed Media, November 2019
Original. 40 x 60″

While en route to Los Angeles, my ex-business partner and I made a pit stop in New Mexico to switch drivers. As I pulled into an abandoned gas station, I noticed it was enveloped by fencing, adding to its desolate appearance. This scene stirred thoughts within me about the potential future where gas stations could become relics of the past, much like how phone booths have diminished in prominence since the 70s and 80s.

In this image, my aim was to explore the intricate relationship between humanity and our diminishing dependence on oil as an economic resource. The presence of plastic trash, fencing, and colors reminiscent of rust were intentionally emphasized to visually depict the complex dynamics between our treatment of nature as a commodity and our responsibility to preserve it as a national park. It serves as a contemplation on the environmental consequences of our economic addiction to oil and the need to strike a balance between progress and ecological stewardship.


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