Waken in a Dream

Mixed Media, November 2007
Original. 38 x 50.5″ 

I embarked on the practice of dream journaling, but soon discovered that the written word fell short in fully conveying the essence of my vivid dream experiences. Intriguingly, I sensed a unique artistic opportunity to visually depict the sensations and imagery that unfolded within my dreams. Inspired by the surrealist master Salvador Dali, I embarked on an experiment in dream journaling, where I would paint upon awakening from my dreamscapes for several weeks.

In one particular dream, I found myself awakening after a fall in the lobby of a movie theatre. As an intermission took place, I experienced a profound transformation, as my dream body dissolved and shape-shifted into the form of a familiar-looking woman. It was in this revelatory moment that I became aware of my ability within my own dreams to consciously morph into any person I could imagine.

In this image, my intention was to capture the essence of awakening within a dream and the subsequent realization of self-awareness. I aimed to convey the sensation of my form transitioning from an amorphous and indistinct creature to that of a woman donning a captivating red dress.

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Dimensions 68 × 90 in
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