World Turning

Mixed Media, September 2019
Original. 42 x 56″

Living in a shared space in my previous condominium meant that various household tasks, such as ironing, cleaning, and laundry, had to be evenly distributed among six individuals. While waiting for one of my roommates’ clothes to finish drying, I recall observing my own laundry spinning inside the washer, visible through the front window. To my surprise, a dollar bill was stuck to the interior glass, enduring the forceful impact of water and rotating vigorously. Intrigued by this sight, I leaned closer, illuminating the scene with the light from my phone, revealing my entire wardrobe being tossed amidst a vibrant array of reds, greens, and dark blues.

This image is the result of my attempt to capture the strength, energy, and intensity of the colors I witnessed during that experience. It serves as a reminder to both myself and others that inspiration can manifest itself in various forms, even in the most mundane of circumstances.


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My work is designed to shine on its own so I only print my artwork on metallic surfaces. Aluminum is a material that ensures that your artwork could potentially last several lifetimes. The texture on each aluminum print features a brushed finish, smooth edge and is designed to glisten with the paint

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All artwork is non-duplicate to ensure long term value, credibility, and investment.
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In addition to your print, each unique work also comes with its own hand-signed authentication label on the back of the painting.

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