UT and LSU

Mixed Media, October 2019
Original. 60 x 40″

In my downtown Austin apartment, I quickly realized that the events and activities happening in the city would directly impact my life on 6th street. As I stepped out of my apartment, sandwiched between two bustling bars, the vibrant energy of the area engulfed me. The streets were filled with enthusiastic crowds donning orange and purple, and the sound of cheering and excitement echoed all around. It dawned on me just how significant college football was to the local tourism industry and how it would transform my neighborhood during game days.

Motivated by curiosity, I grabbed my bike and my new DSLR camera, and set off towards the stadium. As I pedaled through the city, I encountered numerous tailgate parties and free giveaways, immersing myself in the festive atmosphere. Along the way, I stumbled upon a ticket to that night’s game lying on the street, unclaimed. While I briefly considered selling it, the allure of attending a University of Texas (UT) game after so many years prompted me to keep it. I relished the suspense of not knowing my seat location or proximity to the field, adding an element of anticipation to the experience.

The moment captured in this image is when the iconic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey resonated through the stadium speakers. As the melody filled the air, the crowd transformed into a sea of lights, with lighters, cell phones, and hats swaying in harmony to the music. Among the many pictures I took that day, this particular image stood out as a powerful representation of unity. It encapsulated the shared sense of excitement and connection among people, transcending differences and fostering a collective spirit.

Through this image, I aimed to convey the profound impact of music and communal experiences, highlighting a moment when people came together as one. It serves as a testament to the power of shared moments and the ability of events like college football games to forge bonds and create lasting memories.


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