The Sun Casts a Shadow-toxic series

Giclee on Aluminum (1/8″), March 2020
Original. 68 x 45″

I really want to go outside and see this. Now that the pandemic is here, I’m suddenly more attracted to my old landscapes and have caught myself gazing at some of my previous landscape paintings a little more than I’d like to admit over the last few days. The pandemic also seems to be altering my color palette and as much as I’d like to control that, I have to respect what the finished work was trying to teach me to see.

This latest painting shows the empire of entertainment in an economic cardiac arrest. The crimson red ‘x’s’ that would be painted on plague victims’ doors in 1654 London would be mixed into this work showing the spread of fear and possible infection throughout the city. Already in this new world, the skies grow quieter, the birds can be heard, and nature is beginning to recover faster than it’s dying. Let us remember as we move forward that we are truly in this together.

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Dimensions 68 × 45 in