Urban Steel

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Mixed Media, 2017
32 x 21″

In the summer of 2017, as I ventured out in search of the perfect location to capture fireworks in all their splendor, a serendipitous encounter led me to a hidden treasure. While cycling through the streets, my attention was abruptly drawn to a gleaming piece of chrome that caught the sunlight from beyond a fence. Curiosity piqued, I halted my bike and embarked on an impromptu investigation. To my astonishment, what initially appeared as a solitary piece of chrome unfolded into an entire warehouse filled with an array of metals, each reflecting and interacting with one another and the surrounding environment.

In this image, I sought to capture the essence of this unexpected encounter and the organic beauty found within the aged, heavy steel. There is a certain allure to the texture and patina of steel as it weathers and oxidizes over time, and here, I wanted to emphasize its raw and earthy nature. The painting aims to convey the tactile experience of being immersed in this world of metal, where the air carries a faint metallic tang and every surface tells a story of time and transformation.

This image holds a special place in my heart, not only for the spontaneity with which it was discovered, but also for the risk I took in scaling the fence to capture it. I assure you, no harm was done, and I gladly embrace such daring endeavors in the pursuit of art. It is through these ventures into the unknown that we often find the most remarkable and extraordinary moments, moments that inspire us to see the world in new and unexpected ways.

As you gaze upon this artwork, I invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating textures and tones of the metal, to imagine the stories embedded within each surface, and to experience the evocative atmosphere that surrounded me during that fortuitous encounter. May it serve as a reminder that art can emerge from the most unexpected places, encouraging us to take risks, embrace spontaneity, and see beauty in the often overlooked elements of our surroundings.

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