Panhandle Landscape

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Mixed Media, 2022
24 x 18″

As a college student, I frequently traveled between Canyon and Amarillo in Texas, immersing myself in the ever-changing landscape that unfolded between these two cities. Despite the fast-paced nature of my full-time schedule, I cherished the opportunity to listen to good music while witnessing the transformation of the scenery with each passing season. Although the traffic rushed by, I often felt a twinge of guilt for pulling over just to capture a photograph. Nonetheless, this particular image represents my favorite view of the Amarillo skyline.

In this image, my intention was to evoke the memories of my seasonal commutes between Amarillo and Canyon. The ever-shifting panorama became etched in my mind, and through this artwork, I sought to visualize the recollections from that period. Although the view may have continued to evolve, this painting depicts how the city and its surrounding landscape appeared to me in 2006.

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Dimensions 60 × 40 in
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