Sweltering Transition

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Mixed Media, 2019
60 x 40″

In the summer of 2019, I made the decision to move into downtown Austin, bidding farewell to my car and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by relying on my bicycle as my primary mode of transportation. As I settled into my new neighborhood, I quickly discovered the convenience of walking, utilizing public transportation, and the freedom my bike provided in navigating through the bustling city. During one of my early explorations, I pedaled my way to the grocery store, and along the route, I stumbled upon a breathtaking view of glass-covered buildings illuminated by the setting sun.

Inspired by the scorching heatwave that enveloped Austin during that time, I embarked on a series of images that aimed to visually capture the intense transition between daytime and sunset in the city. Each day, as the sun relentlessly beat down upon the buildings, the glass facades would radiate with a vibrant energy, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and color. With the arrival of evening, a cooling fog of evaporative air would envelop the structures, further accentuating their distinct auras. This phenomenon sparked my curiosity, leaving me pondering the origins of each building’s unique and captivating glow.

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