Birth of an Idea

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Mixed Media, 2018
50 x 20″

In the summer of 2018, I created and submitted “Birth of an Idea” for an art competition centered around the theme of “body, mind, and soul.”

In this image, I started with a photograph I had taken while hiking on the Barton Creek trail in Austin. Through a process of deliberate alteration, I transformed the image, smearing and blending the colors to generate a spontaneous composition. My aim was to explore the origin of an idea and visualize its introduction to the cerebrum. The depicted moment captures the snapshot just before an idea enters the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The luminous light at the top symbolizes the essence of a raw idea, while the crushing gap in the middle represents the fissure through which it will be assimilated into the body. This painting encapsulates the transformative journey of an idea as it merges with the cognitive and corporeal aspects of our being.

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