Einstein’s Heart | (high resolution-animation)

Mixed Media, 2020
Originals (33) 30 x 30″

At the tender age of 16, Albert Einstein began pondering the possibility of humans reaching the speed of light, thus initiating a thought experiment that would later evolve into his renowned theory of relativity. As an artist, I have often contemplated this idea throughout my life, finding amusement in visualizing various vehicles traveling at approximately 67 million miles per hour. In this image sequence, I have simulated Einstein’s famous light experiment from the perspective of his heart, observing patrons aboard a bus. As time slows down around him, the light entering his eyes decelerates, leaving only the rhythmic beat of his heart in synchrony with his own body.

By showcasing a human being traveling at the speed of light as an equivalent “vehicle” to a train or bus, as Einstein did in his experiments, I aim to emphasize the significance of our humanity. In an era dominated by technological advancements and automation, it remains vital to preserve and nurture those aspects that make us truly human. Our heart, intimately connected to empathy and love, holds immense value and surpasses material wealth.

It is worth noting that this artwork comprises 33 original paintings, meticulously handcrafted to create each individual frame of the accompanying animation.

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