Einstein’s Heart | (high resolution-animation)

Mixed Media, March 2020
Originals (33). 30 x 30″

At the age of 16, Einstein would begin wondering if humans could go as fast as the speed of light and created a thought experiment that would later evolve into his famous theory of relativity. As an artist, I’ve thought about this idea a lot growing up and would find it fun sometimes to visualize the types of vehicles getting up to around 67 million mph. In this painting, I simulated Albert Einstein’s famous light experiment from the point of view of his heart looking out at patrons on a bus. As time slows around him, the light entering his eyes slows down. What remains is his heart beating in sync with his own body.
I wanted to show how a human traveling at the speed of light could just as easily be considered a “vehicle” like a train or bus like in Einsteins experiments. 
In our societies rise toward automation in the technological age, there still needs to be room for that which makes us truly human. Our heart is tied to our empathy and the love we feel. I see those as the most precious things we have right now and consider them to be more valuable than money. 
33 original paintings were hand created to make each individual frame of this animation

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Dimensions 30 × 30 in

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