Still Life in a Flood

Mixed Media, October 2020
Original. 38 x 28″

In my dreams, I often find myself immersed in visions of deep blue waves crashing against various objects. In this particular image, I depict those very waves engulfing a bowl of fruit on a kitchen table. Unlike my previous works that were inspired by specific references, this painting originated from a simple doodle that transformed into a more detailed composition. It draws from an old dream of mine, where a powerful flood surged into a living room, lifting the kitchen table from its place. As the deluge moved through the house, it carried the bowl of fruit aloft, causing chaos and disruption in each room it encountered.

Through this image, I aim to convey society’s collective consciousness regarding the pressing issue of climate change and how it disrupts our perception of beauty and prosperity. The overwhelming force of the waves serves as a metaphor for the challenges posed by environmental shifts, reminding us of the fragility of our surroundings and the urgent need for action.


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Dimensions 38 × 28 in
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