Lady With an Inquiry

From: $500

Mixed Media, 2019
20 x 26.5″

During a winding and often confusing journey traveling from Germany to Poland in the early summer of 2019, I found myself immersed in a series of prolonged waits at various train stations trying to find a route that would take me to Krakow. The big highlight during this leg of my Leonardo da Vinci worldtour was to see his, “Lady with an Ermine” masterpiece. After getting on the last train, I had a captivating encounter with a girl in the train car across from me, whose introspective gaze piqued my curiosity about her thoughts and emotions. Throughout the four hour journey toward Krakow, we engaged in a profound discussion about her life, her recent visit to her fathers house, and the aspirations she held for her future. As the train approached its final destination, I noticed her lost in thought, gazing out of the window.

In this image, I wanted to capture the mystery and curiosity of a fleeting moment. With her permission, I attempted to capture what would later become this image. Within minutes, we would part ways and continue on our respective journeys.

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