Spanish Skirts

Mixed Media, July 2008
Original. 52 x 68″ 

In college, I took a plein-air painting and bought a new sketchpad to try making some chalk pastel drawings. Oftentimes, it was early enough in the canyon as I drove in to see the shade from the moon transition to the shade of the sun over the canyon. For the first week, my class painted around the “Spanish Skirts” rock formations of Palo Duro Canyon and I got to see how rain and thunderstorms would affect the bright red/orange geologic striations.  

In this painting, I wanted to capture the unique rainbow patterns found throughout parts of Palo Duro Canyon. Toward the end of the first week in class, it began raining. Parts of the original sketch was rained on leaving very few pages salvageable from the sketchpad used. As a result, I mixed water illustrations with parts of the pastel drawing to reflect on the deluge of water that engulfed the canyon. 

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Dimensions 52 × 68 in