Arterial Timber

From: $500

Mixed Media, 2019
33 x 44″

In the summer/fall of 2019, as I settled into my new residence in downtown Austin, Texas, I began to experience firsthand the impact of a Texan summer on my surroundings. I observed a noticeable shift in the demeanor of strangers, as their disposition seemed to become kinder and more serene with the arrival of lower temperatures and the setting sun. While passing by a nearby bar, the warmth of the sun still lingered upon me, prompting me to glance in its direction. It was then that I noticed a large tree adorned with newly illuminated Christmas lights. Amidst the scent of heated asphalt, steel, and concrete, I found myself intrigued by how these lights might influence the tree’s growth patterns throughout its lifespan, as well as the overall energy exchange between the natural and synthetic elements at play.

This image aims to visualize the dynamic interplay of energy between the tree and the lights that envelop it. It explores the symbiotic relationship between the organic and the artificial, capturing the intriguing interaction and impact of the illuminated Christmas lights on the tree’s essence.

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