Reaching Tree

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Mixed Media, 2018
21 x 28″

Inspired by my hiking adventures in New Mexico, I sought to explore the natural beauty of the Austin trails. Among them, Barton Creek trail stood out as one of the most magnificent, locally known, and conveniently located. Along this trail, cottonwood trees could be found scattered throughout the deepest and oldest parts of the river. These trees became a reliable guide for me while hiking, as their shimmering leaves and distinctive hissing sounds indicated the presence of a nearby riverbed.

In this image, I aimed to showcase the cottonwood tree in various seasons and in different lights capturing the transitional moments between day and night. This work served as my artistic reawakening after a long hiatus from art, during which I had dedicated my focus to teaching and even contemplated pursuing a career as a school principal. Through this artwork, I hope to convey the profound connection I felt with nature during my hikes, as well as the sense of joy and fulfillment that comes from embracing one’s true calling.

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