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Mixed Media, December 2019
Original. 50 x 70″

After relocating to Los Angeles from Texas, I found myself contemplating how my new environment would influence my art and artistic style. It was my first time living outside of Texas, and I was curious to see how the change would manifest in my work. To my delight, I discovered that Salvador Dali had also spent time in the same city that I now called home. This revelation intrigued me, and I delved deeper into the history of Beverly Hills, discovering the close proximity of influential artists like Dali and Marcel Duchamp to the neighborhood I resided in.

In this image, I sought to bridge the worlds of abstraction and symbolism, drawing inspiration from the artistic styles of Duchamp and Dali. The fallen letters from the previous paintings have now penetrated the realm of abstraction, creating a visual connection between the ear canal and the surreal universe. Duchamp’s influence is apparent in the first two paintings of this series, with a continuous path connecting the ear canal and the surreal world. Dali, on the other hand, adds a unique dimension by presenting an end to the stairs and introducing a mirror into the surreal universe of abstract symbols within the ear canal. In this realm, conventional language is minimal, and instead, the focus is on capturing the essence of catchphrases and the extraction of consciousness represented by the black orb.

Through this image, I aim to explore the interplay between surrealism, abstraction, and symbolism while drawing inspiration from the artistic legacies of Dali and Duchamp. It serves as an artistic exploration of the subconscious and the visual representation of abstract concepts.


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