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Mixed Media,  2017
22 x 32

In response to the frustration I felt while watching national news and witnessing political authorities engaging in “doublespeak” to evade direct questioning, I embarked on a series of visual creations that aimed to depict the perplexing nature of this type of communication and its impact on the human brain.

In this image, my intention was to visually represent the process by which nonsensical logic is processed and assimilated through the ear canal. The symbolic language, represented by letters, is shown to converge and collide, creating a wave-like friction that engulfs and confuses each word. As the speech enters the brain, it begins to dissolve and lose its clarity, further exacerbating the sense of confusion and obfuscation. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase” painting, I incorporated a staircase motif within the ear canal to symbolize the journey and descent of information into the mind.

Through this artwork, I sought to shed light on the disorienting nature of “doublespeak” and the ways in which it can hinder clear and meaningful communication. By drawing inspiration from Duchamp’s iconic piece, I aimed to capture the complexity and fluidity of thought processes when confronted with convoluted language.

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