Sedum Hispanicum (Blue Carpet flower)

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Mixed Media, 2020
24 x 24″ 

The site of Lafayette Park in San Francisco was once home to the first ever observatory on the west coast (1879) and stood next to Samuel Holladay’s mansion. It’s also one of the most scenic parks in one of the most urban parts of the city. Part of the old mansions foundation remains at the top of the hill where this Blue Carpet flower sits with other ground cover.

In this painting, I wanted to experiment with the unique design and colors associated with the Sedum Hispanicum. The leaves on this stonecrop succulent are known to turn blue or pink depending on their heat exposure.  In cooler weather, they’re more blue and in warmer weather, they’re known to turn pink. Their leaves will also swell or shrink depending on the moisture they need so some have leaves that are fat and others that are thin. Knowing this, you can almost determine the average temperature and moisture of a certain place just by looking at these for reference. The turquoise, indigo, and stone-gray colors are reminiscent of what a bee would see when looking at this plant.



Friends of Lafayette Park:

Lafayette Park (1906):


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