Seagulls at Half Moon Bay

From: $500

Mixed Media, 2021
22 x 15″ 

Seeking a spiritual rejuvenation at the advent of the new year, I ventured to a beach state park located approximately twenty miles south of San Francisco, near Pillar Point and Half Moon Bay. This stretch of coastline is shrouded in a mysterious fog, and its waters are known to be frequented by sharks, where mighty waves surge, reaching heights of 15 to 30 feet. As I strolled along the desolate shoreline, enveloped in the ethereal mist, I witnessed seagulls gracefully navigating through the fog, their wings soaring in every direction, while those grounded gazed out towards the crashing waves.

In this image, my aim was to capture the intriguing juxtaposition between the tranquil beachscape and the untamed forces of nature that intertwine with it. Originally intending to depict only the ocean and the shoreline, the pervasive fog became an integral part of the composition. I incorporated purples and blues to accentuate the intricate details within the background, magnifying the waves that lay concealed beneath the enigmatic veil of fog. Through this portrayal, I sought to convey the captivating beauty that emerges when serenity converges with the elemental power of nature.

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