Maintaining Order

From: $575

Mixed Media, 2020
22 x 30.5″

One Sunday morning, I woke up early to visit the nearby farmers market. Along the way, I decided to pass through Rodeo Drive, where I noticed a man diligently polishing a business sign before the stores opened. This experience made me reflect on the lack of economic diversity and representation of Hispanic ethnic groups in my neighborhood. Many of these individuals worked late nights and early mornings, remaining unseen by the Beverly Hills community.

In this image, my intention was to convey the meticulous care with which Rodeo Drive is maintained, while also highlighting the often unnoticed workers who contribute to its capitalist beauty. I depicted the man blending into his surroundings, his clothing and skin mirroring the colors and textures of the building, as if he were camouflaged within the architectural landscape. Through this portrayal, I aimed to bring attention to the invisible labor that upholds the glamorous facade of Rodeo Drive.

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