Reaching Tree-Los Angeles

Mixed Media, January 2020
Original. 60 x 40″

After relocating to Los Angeles, I embarked on a personal project of mapping and exploring each block within a 5-mile radius of my apartment. This endeavor was born out of my desire to connect with my new surroundings and make the most of my circumstances, despite the setback of having my bicycle stolen. Concurrently, I was also working on the Mona Lisa project, using art as a means of expressing my protest and frustration.

During one of my walks through an unfamiliar street, I was suddenly struck by a powerful gust of wind rushing through the trees above me. It was as if nature itself was making its presence known, carrying with it a sense of energy and intensity.

In this image, my aim was to capture the essence of that wind and convey its visual impact as it swept through the trees in Beverly Hills. The vibrant colors of the leaves and bark, resembling the hues of a dreamsicle with their shades of pink and orange, served as a representation of the California sun and its influence on the landscape, even during the winter months.

By capturing the dynamic movement and vivid colors of the scene, I sought to convey the sense of awe and wonder that enveloped me in that moment. The painting serves as a visual testament to the beauty and power of nature, as well as a reflection of my own journey and exploration of Los Angeles as a Texan transplant.


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Dimensions 60 × 40 in
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