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Mixed Media, 2007
32 x 36.5″ 

While working on my Art degree in the fall of 2007, I began experimenting with scanning physical drawings as a starting point to creating a finished digital work. In drawing this imaginary character for a graphic design project,  I was inspired by “Echo and Narcissus,” a painting by John William Waterhouse. I thought about the deranged and fascinated face that Narcissus would have as he wasted away before his own reflection.

In this image, I wanted the mirrored-pool that Narcissus intensely looked into, to be from the viewers perspective. The swirls in the eyes, face, and hair would portray the deep spell that was beset upon him through seeing his own reflection. For many years in my life, I struggled with my own appearance constantly avoiding mirrors or reflections.

I often feared that like Narcissus, I could potentially become too self-obsessed with my own fleeting image. I thought it was interesting that this fear I had was culturally conditioned in ancient Greek society.  Back then, it was considered unlucky or even fatal to see one’s own reflection and I have often wondered how much this societal superstition affected the art they would end up being known for in modern times.


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