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Mixed Media, 2020
30 x 17″

For centuries, illuminated manuscripts have served as powerful tools of social persuasion, predominantly featuring religious texts, prayers, and psalms. These meticulously crafted books, resembling exquisite pieces of jewelry, were adorned with lavish decorations. Prior to the invention of the printing press, these manuscripts were painstakingly created by highly skilled monks or nuns over the course of several years, using various animal skins as their canvas. From the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (50 BC) to the flourishing of illuminated manuscripts during the high Renaissance (1600s), anonymous artists played a vital role in elevating the societal value of these sacred works.

In this image, I sought to honor the unsung artisans behind the magnificent illuminated manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels (715 CE), the Book of Kells (800 CE), and countless other copies of the Book of Hours. Balancing between the realms of tradition and modernity, I embraced a unique approach by merging graffiti art elements with the intricate illustrations found within each manuscript. Through this fusion, I aimed to create a visual homage that celebrates the timeless artistry and enduring significance of these remarkable books.



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