Motion Picture

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Mixed Media, 2021-2024
18 x 22"

During a weekend visit to my old neighborhood in Los Angeles, I sought to create an abstract painting that would capture the ever-changing essence of the city. I felt that adhering to a traditional, right-side-up format would be too restrictive for the size of the canvas I was envisioning, so I decided to venture into creating my first omnidirectional painting. To begin, I sketched a preliminary outline using graphite, drawing upon the Renaissance art techniques I learned while working on projects such as the Mona Lisa and studying Masaccio’s drawings. These techniques would aid in achieving a sense of “rounded” movement in the piece that would be visible from every angle.

The aim of this image was to visually represent the mood, creative energy, and bold aesthetics of Los Angeles in a non-representational manner. To guide my artistic process, I was inspired by the works of Alexander Calder and his “Stabile” sculptures like “La Grande Vitess” to create a kinetic experience within my own artwork.

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