Power and Voltage

Mixed Media, August 2020
Original. 30 x 45″

When I lived in LA, I often traveled outside of my neighborhood walking to other neighboring cities like West Hollywood or Century City. This painting features the power lines that connect the borders between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood near the Beverly Center mall. The original image was taken in November of 2019 when a flurry of pedestrians, cars, and shoppers would be in a commotion below. 
In this painting, I felt the need to mirror the energy of what it felt like to live in Los Angeles at the height of its economic success in 2019. It was hard for me to imagine just how much power was running through this part of a city with 8 million people. I wanted to visualize the symbolic flow of this frenetic energy and communication through the power-lines that helped create such an iconic city. 

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Quality and detail are critical when each print is original. As a mixed media artist, I love using inkjet paints to create paintings that feature brilliant colors, deep blacks, nuanced contrasts and strong details. Measure an ideal space on your wall and we can help you customize the surface, scale, and shipping. Free estimates

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All canvas frames are custom made to scale and feature a 1.5" depth. For any custom sizes or requests, contact me for details.

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All artwork is non-duplicate to ensure long term value, credibility, and investment.
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In addition to your print, each unique work also comes with its own hand-signed authentication label on the back of the painting.

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Dimensions 18 × 27 in