Light Reading

Mixed Media, September 2018
Original. 36 x 48″

I wanted to do more portraits of people and found this image online of a woman reading a book near an open window.   

In this painting, I wanted to paint the open dialogue of communication manifesting between the writer and the reader. In my version, warm pinks and greens were used to reflect on the careful meditation the reader might feel when reading a book.

I came across an image online that captivated me—a woman engrossed in a book while sitting near an open window. Inspired by this scene, I decided to create a portrait of her.

In this image, my intention was to depict the profound exchange of communication that takes place between the writer and the reader. I aimed to capture the sense of introspection and deep contemplation that the act of reading can evoke. To convey this, I utilized warm hues of pink and green, symbolizing the serene and focused mindset of the reader engrossed in the book.

By highlighting the delicate balance between the reader, the open window, and the surrounding environment, I sought to evoke a sense of harmony and connection between the individual and their surroundings. Through this image, I aimed to celebrate the transformative power of literature and the intimate experience of engaging with a book.


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Dimensions 36 × 48 in
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