Hope in the Face of Darkness

From: $550

Mixed Media, 2020
22 x 27″

One vivid memory I hold dear is of my visit to the Will Rogers memorial park in Los Angeles before its closure to the public amid the pandemic. I can still recall the awe-inspiring sight of a sprawling expanse of palm trees above me, their majestic fronds swaying harmoniously in the wind. It felt strangely surreal, as if I were a minuscule creature amidst a garden of colossal stalks emerging from the earth. As I tilted my gaze towards the sky, the wind choreographed a vibrant spectacle, causing each tree in the canopy to sway in synchronized motion, adorned with an array of vivid colors.

In this image, my intention was to visually capture the profound impact of the pandemic and subsequent quarantine on the natural environment encircling Los Angeles.

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