Hole in the Maze

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Mixed Media, 2007
21.5 x 28.5″

During the Thanksgiving holidays, I immersed myself in painting, creating more than five acrylic artworks that served as a visual manifestation of my dreams. Inspired by the approach of Salvador Dali, who often used his paintings as a means of exploring his own subconscious, I embarked on this artistic journey in search of my own unique style.

I vividly recall a dream in which I found myself walking along a forest trail. Suddenly, a portal materialized before me, accompanied by the sound and chilling sensation of water flowing behind. Through the trees, I beheld a torn vertical opening in the sky, revealing a distant waterfall cascading into a river. Within this rift in reality, the scene was transformed, with day appearing as night, and the ethereal sight of stars shimmering through the waterfall. Before venturing further into this mystical realm, I consciously chose to awaken myself, eager to capture the essence of this dream in an acrylic draft.

In this image, I aimed to express the ethereal beauty and enigmatic atmosphere of the dream, bringing to life the contrasting elements of light and dark, the surreal portal, and the mesmerizing presence of the waterfall. It served as a reflection of my artistic exploration during that time, as I sought to discover my own unique style and delve into the depths of my subconscious through the medium of painting.

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