The Flood of Knowledge

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Mixed Media, 2021
58 x 46″ 

Since 2004, there has been a notable decline in the percentage of Americans identifying as Christians, dropping from 84% to 64% in 2021. This shift in religious affiliation has had far-reaching implications, impacting various aspects of modern society, including politics and public opinion on matters such as science and technology.

In this mixed media collage painting, I sought to depict the contrasting narratives between twenty-first-century scientific thinking and the traditional teachings of organized religion. The central focus of the artwork is the iconic Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in San Francisco, a symbol of established religious beliefs. However, the church is depicted as being engulfed by a flood of symbolic debris, representing the forces of change and skepticism that challenge traditional doctrines.

To create this collage, I incorporated diverse elements, including images from news media that represent the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an older tempera painting portraying a flood from 2007, and recent photographs depicting the consequences of climate change. Through these juxtaposed visuals, I aimed to evoke a sense of tension and transformation, highlighting the dynamic interplay between established religious institutions and the rapidly evolving contemporary world.

Interestingly, further research revealed that the depicted Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church has endured significant challenges throughout its history. It was originally constructed in 1884 but was devastated by the Great Quake of 1906. Despite this setback, the church was reconstructed and reopened in 1924. Additionally, the church has faced numerous acts of terrorism over the years, adding another layer of resilience and perseverance to its story.


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