Desert Stars

From: $600

Mixed Media, 2019
34 x 23.5″

After settling into my new apartment and adapting to my teaching schedule, I felt the urge to embark on a unique adventure that combined my passion for travel, painting, and teaching. I packed up my art supplies and began taking short weekend trips to various cities in the western region, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Sedona. It was during my time in Las Vegas, while strolling along “the strip,” that I was captivated by the mesmerizing LED lights that adorned the bustling boulevard.

With this image, my goal was to capture the essence of the vibrant neon glow that enveloped the buildings on the strip, particularly during the tranquil moments just after sunset. I aimed to convey the cool yet alluring heat emanating from the neon lights, creating a visual tapestry that immerses the viewer in the electric energy of the city.

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