Calm Before the Storm-sedona series

Mixed Media, May 2020
Original. 24 x 36″

I took a short trip to Sedona Arizona going up to Cathedral Rock on a day hike. I had been wrestling with pursuing a career in the arts and leaving behind a decade of teaching experience. It was during this excursion that I made the decision to change careers seeing that doing both would be unsustainable for the goals I had in mind.

Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s distinctive style, particularly his renowned painting “The Kiss” from 1907, I adopted a similar color palette and incorporated elements that pay homage to his work. Gold, in particular, proved to be a challenging color to replicate on a digital canvas, but I was eager to see how it will appear once the painting is displayed.

This image serves as a personal reflection on a significant turning point in my life and the shift from the familiar to the unknown. It embodies the anticipation and artistic aspirations that accompanied my decision to embark on a new chapter in California.

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My work is designed to shine on its own so I only print my artwork on metallic surfaces. Aluminum is a material that ensures that your artwork could potentially last several lifetimes. The texture on each aluminum print features a brushed finish, smooth edge and is designed to glisten with the paint

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All artwork is non-duplicate to ensure long term value, credibility, and investment.
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In addition to your print, each unique work also comes with its own hand-signed authentication label on the back of the painting.

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Dimensions 24 × 36 in
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