Anthem of the Ages

From: $450

Mixed Media, 2019
24 x 16″

After a few months of living in my downtown Austin apartment, I quickly realized that citywide events would inevitably affect my  life and daily sights on 6th street. I became curious by the influx of purple and gold jerseys and hats filling the street so I followed the mass of people going toward the University of Texas Memorial stadium up the street. Once there, I encountered numerous tailgate parties and free giveaways. As evening set in and the game was beginning, I crossed a street to come back and stumbled upon a ticket to that night’s game seemingly untouched. After some hesitation, I decided to go in and see if the ticket worked.

In this image, I wanted to visually capture the moment when the stadium of 100,000 fans transformed into a sea of lights swaying in harmony to the music buzzing through the stadium speakers. To me, it encapsulated a shared sense of excitement and connection among strangers, transcending differences and fostering a collective spirit. Through this image, I aimed to convey the profound impact of music and communal experiences, highlighting a moment when people came together as one collective mass of energy.

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