Dissonant Harmony (Copy)

Mixed Media, 2022
80 x 97″

During my visit to the SFMOMA, my objective was to find a captivating subject to sketch. After exploring the museum’s various floors, I unexpectedly came across an untitled artwork (1940) by Alexander Calder. In this piece, an abstract metal sculpture delicately balanced on a table. As I began sketching the sculpture, I noticed that the people passing behind me were inadvertently causing it to sway, creating a mesmerizing back-and-forth motion.

In this image, my intention was to dynamically interpret the sculpture’s movements, envisioning it as if it were utilizing the negative space behind it to sculpt its own distinct form. I aimed to capture the essence of this kinetic interaction, where the sculpture seemed to come alive and embrace the surrounding space through its ever-shifting presence.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 in