At the Crossroads

Mixed Media, December 2019
Original. 48 x 32″

During the early stages of my relocation to Beverly Hills, I would embark on nighttime bicycle rides through the streets of Los Angeles, filled with anticipation for what I might discover. The nocturnal hours offered a respite from bustling traffic, revealing less smog in the air and a serene stillness reminiscent of my hometown. One evening, as I pedaled along, I encountered an intersection where I found myself unsure of which direction to take. In that fleeting moment, the lights at the intersection seemed to symbolize and mirror my own hesitation.

With this image, my aim was to capture a scenario reminiscent of a “fork in the road,” where the ambiguity of choices can lead us down uncharted paths, brimming with intrigue and mystery. It portrays the transformative potential that lies within the realm of indecision, hinting at the captivating allure of venturing into the unknown.


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Dimensions 48 × 32 in
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