Objects in Mirror

Mixed Media, 2020
32 x 43″

In response to the overwhelming influence of social media and the creation of idealized online personas, this image aims to depict the disconnection between our authentic selves and the carefully curated images we present online. The central figure in the image is a woman who removes her online mask and sits in her kitchen, contemplating her surroundings. Her true face remains hidden in darkness, symbolizing the isolation and emotional distance that can result from the discrepancy between our real selves and our online personas.

The shattered stained-glass visuals in the painting represent the fragmented nature of the idealized self, blending elements of what the woman wants others to see with the hidden aspects of her true self. The influences for this artwork draw from the imagery of stained glass and the experiences of individuals like Essena O’Neill, who have shed light on the meticulous efforts involved in constructing and maintaining a social media avatar.

Through its exploration of these themes, this artwork seeks to generate awareness regarding the potential emotional distress and discord that can emerge as a result of the disparity between our online persona and our true selves. It encourages viewers to engage in self-reflection and consider the influence of social media on their personal lives and self-perception.


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