New York series (1 of 2)

Mixed Media, December 2017
Original. 35 x 52″

After enduring a three-hour timeshare presentation in an upper Manhattan building near Central Park, I emerged from the premises only to be greeted by a gentle mist descending upon the towering cityscape. The fine, almost imperceptible water droplets cascaded down, adding a subtle glow to the otherwise somber urban landscape, creating an interplay of shadows and silhouettes between the buildings. Strangely, this atmospheric phenomenon seemed to compress the spatial distance between the structures, altering their perceived proximity.

In this image, my aim was to recreate the ethereal and fog-like effects I witnessed on that rainy day in New York back in 2017. It was a moment that forged a warm emotional connection with the city’s unique rhythm, which I felt compelled to express through my artwork (painting 1 of 2).


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My work is designed to shine on its own so I only print my artwork on metallic surfaces. Aluminum is a material that ensures that your artwork could potentially last several lifetimes. The texture on each aluminum print features a brushed finish, smooth edge and is designed to glisten with the paint

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All artwork is non-duplicate to ensure long term value, credibility, and investment.
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In addition to your print, each unique work also comes with its own hand-signed authentication label on the back of the painting.

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Dimensions 35 × 52 in
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