Man with Blue Hands

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Mixed Media, 2007
17 x 22.75″

During the summer of 2007, I found myself accompanying my ex to a hospital to seek medical attention for their injured ankle. As we waited in the hospital’s bustling waiting room for several hours, my attention was drawn to a solitary man who periodically burst into tears, his emotions seemingly uncontrollable. The expression on his face left me pondering the reason for his presence in the hospital and the identity of the person he awaited.

In this image, I sought to delve further into the realm of portraiture using watercolor as my chosen medium. At the time, I was also exploring experiments with capturing auras and attempting to depict the energy fields surrounding objects. The colors employed in this artwork were directly inspired by the aura I perceived around the man during that moment, with his hands emanating a deep blue glow. It served as a visual record, an attempt to capture the essence of his presence and the unique energy that seemed to surround him. Regrettably, I left the hospital before discovering the purpose or the identity of the person he was anxiously awaiting.

Through this artwork, I aimed to convey the mystery and emotional depth of that encounter, while also exploring the intricacies of portraying energy fields and capturing the essence of an individual through color and brushstrokes. It stands as a poignant reminder of the profound moments of human connection and the enigmatic stories that unfold within the fabric of everyday life.

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