Inside Looking Out

Mixed Media, March 2020
Original. 72 x 72″

Since my recent move to Beverly Hills, I’ve noticed a striking stillness that settles over the city each night. The absence of litter, overgrown weeds, and homeless individuals within the city limits intrigued me. Curiosity led me to venture out past midnight, armed with my equipment, and I discovered an entire hidden universe of activity in the alleyways and side streets behind the bustling main shopping areas. It was during one of these nocturnal explorations that I stumbled upon a peculiar scene—a stack of trash piled in front of a mannequin displayed in a shop window.

In this image, my intention was to visually depict the sense of obscurity and forgotten moments that can be found in Beverly Hills, particularly during the enigmatic hours of the night. I sought to capture the eerie tension that surrounds certain displays and encounters within the city during these quiet hours, inviting viewers to contemplate the hidden narratives and untold stories that exist within its streets.


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