Forest Path

From: $375

Mixed Media, 2020
20 x 25″

After moving to San Francisco, I was eager for an escape from the urban environment of concrete, brick, and steel that encompassed my new neighborhood. I set out for a nearby hiking destination and found myself in the enchanting embrace of Muir Woods. The forest at this time seemed like it had an amplified vibrancy and a symphony of colors unlike any previous visits before my move. The park saw only a sparse number of visitors, and those present diligently wore face coverings, adhering to safety precautions. Seizing a moment of respite, I cautiously removed my mask, inhaling deeply as I gazed upward to witness the gentle caress of the wind upon the lofty treetops. The morning sun pierced through the leafy canopy above, casting its warm glow, while the hues of twilight lingered in the shadows below.

In this image, my intention was to depict the contrast between the radiant light of a new dawn and the lingering shadows of dusk within the majestic redwood trees of Muir Woods forest.

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