Dark Sky City Sunset

Mixed Media, November 2020
Original. 35 x 19.5″

While gazing out at the Phoenix skyline,  I saw a haze of light thinly illuminating the entire city. In my research, I found that since 1988, Arizona has been home to the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA). This organization specializes in combating light pollution on a global scale due to its harmful impact on wildlife, disrupting crucial survival behaviors such as breeding, as well as obstructing visibility of stars for nearby observatories. To date, the association has designated 52 regions worldwide as international dark sky preserves, with Arizona alone boasting five of them.

In this image, my intention was to highlight the remarkable disparity between the haze of luminosity blanketing the city of Phoenix, the vivid brake lights of a city bus, and the profound impact that light pollution would exert on the entire composition.


Dark Sky map: https://darksky.net/forecast/33.6906,-112.1569/us12/en

Cronkite News: https://historylink.org/File/2524

Biological Diversity: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2016/grand-canyon-06-07-2016.html

International Dark Sky Association: https://www.darksky.org/about/


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