Avian Emporium

From: $600

Mixed Media, 2019
20 x 14″

With the intention of deliberately getting lost, I found myself wandering into the Glendale neighborhood of Los Angeles. While crossing a street, my attention was drawn to a pet store window where numerous pairs of eyes stared back at me. Inside the expansive glass display, I beheld a captivating sight—a dozen diverse birds filling the air with their loud screeches, causing the glass panels to vibrate intermittently.

In this image, my objective was to create a mirrored representation of Los Angeles, capturing the perspective of both looking into and outward from the same pet store window. Through this image, I sought to convey the unique experience of observing the cityscape from the confined yet vibrant space of the pet store, juxtaposing the lively birds within their glass enclosure against the dynamic energy of the surrounding urban landscape.

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