Television Landscape

Mixed Media, November 2007
Original. 38 x 20″

One of the most memorable classes I took in college was graphic design, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of artistic tools and techniques. As part of a collage project, I discovered a range of drawing tools that were completely new to me, and I became intrigued by their potential. Inspired by this exploration, I decided to create a collage using my existing art supplies by scanning them on a flatbed scanner.

My goal was to teach my computer to paint like me, using the scanned versions of my art supplies as the foundation for creating digital artwork. This marked a significant turning point in my artistic style and approach, as it allowed me to merge traditional physical textures and materials with the digital realm.

In this image, I wanted to symbolize this pivotal moment in my artistic journey. I incorporated various materials, such as my artists palette, tape, graphic design ruler, perspective ruler, colored plastic tiles, and magazine clippings, to create a visually rich and textured composition. Through this mixed media approach, I aimed to blur the boundaries between traditional and digital art, embracing the unique possibilities that arise from combining both worlds.

This image represents not only a breakthrough in my artistic style, but also a celebration of the diverse range of tools and materials that have shaped my creative process. It serves as a reminder of the limitless potential for innovation and experimentation in art, and the exciting possibilities that emerge when we push the boundaries of traditional artistic practices.


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Dimensions 38 × 20 in
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