Mr. Brown

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Mixed Media, 2018
32 x 32″

I always had a deep desire to pursue art full-time, even while working as a teacher. However, the demanding and unpredictable hours of classroom teaching often left me with little time to focus on my artistic endeavors. As I neared the end of my teaching career, I decided to take on a commissioned project, recognizing that becoming an artist requires taking that first step and simply doing it. With summer approaching, I saw it as an opportunity to practice marketing myself and gain more experience in the art world.

Through a connection, I was given the opportunity to paint a portrait of “Mr. Brown,” a beautiful chestnut-colored dog sprawled out on a putting green on a seemingly perfect day. Upon seeing the picture, I knew it would be an ideal commission to kickstart my artistic journey.

In this image, I aimed to emphasize the texture and vibrant colors of the grass, infusing the portrait with an impressionistic style. I wanted to capture the essence of the idyllic day and the joyful experience of being on a golf course. The halo of light that emanates throughout the painting symbolizes the warm and radiant atmosphere of that perfect day.

This image not only served as a way for me to practice my artistic skills and market myself but also allowed me to express my passion for art and the beauty I find in everyday moments. It marked a significant step towards pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist.

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