Mauna Loa Beggarticks (Bidens menziesii)-Flower series 4

From: $450

Mixed Media, 2020
21 x 32″ 

Bidens Menziesii, commonly known as Mauna Loa Beggarticks, originates from the Hawaiian islands of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, where it thrives in the arid shrub-lands as an endemic species. These resilient perennial shrubs ensure their survival by producing seeds that adhere to passing bees and unsuspecting mammals. Finding this unexpectedly within the confines of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was a delightful surprise. As I approached it, I sensed its unique presence reaching out for attention in its own distinctive manner.

In this image, I wanted to visualize the diverse characteristics of the Mauna Loa Beggarticks or Bidens Menziesii shrub, found prominently displayed within the captivating surroundings of Golden Gate Park.

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